Environmental Effect

Releasing Balloons

Balloon Disposal Advice

We can enjoy balloons without impacting our beautiful countryside. Please dispose of balloons responsibly with these helpful tips

Latex Balloons

Let them deflate or carefully pierce them to deflate them. Remove and dispose of the ribbon with standard household waste. Latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf and are a natural product, so you could compost them.

Foil Balloons

Whilst they may look like metal foil, they are actually made of polyester (mylar). If you wish to return foil balloons (that were purchased from us) to us, we will dispose of them for you.

Bubble Balloons

Bubble Balloons are made of plastic. If you wish to return bubble balloons (that were purchased from us) to us, we will recycle them for you.

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